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Why the ceiling fan slows down.

The normal ceiling fan in our homes, like any electrical item that moves, is driven by a motor. I will not confuse you with the theoretical explanation of how an electrical motor works, but as in most electrical motors, they need a capacitor to kick start the motor. Again, I won’t bore you with how […]

How to determine the amperage of an electrical appliance.

Most electrical appliances manufacturers don’t state the amperage on their products a I think they are not required by law to do so. However, they are required to state the voltage and that wattage. Briefly speaking and putting it simply, Voltage Voltage or volts in short stands for the the electrical charge coming into our […]

The Deplorable State of English in the Malaysian Blogosphere.

A post by Lilian stirred up something that I have kept quiet about all this while. It’s about the standard of English with our younger generations. They can’t even construct a proper sentence and their grammar is far from perfect. I know the majority will be blaming our educational system for this degradation of their […]

Use a Solar Heater for your Water Heating needs.

For those staying in their houses with roofs, installing a Solar heater will pay in the long run. A Solar Heater as the name implies, uses the sun’s energy to heat up your water. Available in few capacities, the most popular ones are the 30 gallons or 50 gallons ones. A normal 30 gallons Solar […]

Be innovative.

There was this guy that came collecting all those leftover Galvanized Pipes that I have cut out after all my projects. Some are about a foot long, some less. I keep all those leftovers strewn all over the store and only clears it once a year to sell it at scrap. I actually make enough […]

If the Fluorescent light is humming, replace the ballast.

There are 2 types of fluorescent lights that we commonly use in our house. One is the 4 feet long ones normally used in the halls and kitchen and the other is the 2 feet ones found in the bathrooms. These 2 types of fluorescent lights uses different kinds of tube and different kinds of […]

How to determine the faults for Low Water Pressure. Pt.2

For every household, it a mandatory to have a water storage tank. For a single storey terraced house, the tanks must be at least 400 gallons as specified by the water authorities. A 400 gallon water storage tank should last a small family at least 2 days if something inevitable happens to disrupt supplies. Water […]

How to determine the faults for Low Water Pressure. Pt 1

Low Pressure from the Mains. Could mean a few things. If you have just moved in to your new house and the Mains are new, you can flush it first. Sometimes in the process of tapping your incoming lines from the Mains, mud gets into the line. Flushing it might help. Turn off the stop […]