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How to use the plunger effectively

The most common tool that everyone uses when thee is clogged drainage pipe is the good old plunger. The plunger can be a very useful tool to have around the house. It’s the tool to use before you actually call in the experts. However, 8 out of 10 times, people find plungers ineffective. One reason […]

How to Avoid getting Electrocuted.

People don’t simply gets electrocuted. The electrical system in our homes have been approved according to safety regulations and as long as the system is well maintained, rarely do anyone gets electrocuted by the electrical appliances in our homes. Ways to Prevent Electrocution. Electricity works in a very funny way. In layman terms, it must […]

How to Light up the Fluorescent Light with a Faulty Starter

The fluorescent light starter is just like our car’s battery. Once the car have been started, we can disconnect he batteries and the car will still run, but when you stop the engines, you will need the batteries to start it up again. Like I have said before in my past articles, the main function […]

How to Calculate your Monthly Electrical Cost.

If your Electrical Bill is running sky high monthly, knowing how they add up might give you a rough idea on where you can save up. In every household, the biggest culprits that can send your Bill sky rocking are: The Air-Condition The Refrigerator The Kettle, The Rice Cooker The Hot Plates The Iron and […]

Is it Safe to use a Multiple Socket Plug Adaptor?

A very interesting comment from one of my readers asking whether if it is okay to have multiple appliances plugged into one socket. While it is not advisable to do such a thing, many homes do use multiple gang extension wires in their homes because when they bought the house, most developers never takes into […]

A Sitting Toilet or a Squatting Toilet

Sometimes I get very unusual questions from my customers. When I was a plumber, lots of house owners asked me this question when they want to extend another bathroom in their house. Which is better, A sitting Toilet or a Squatting Toilet. It’s such a silly question when I first heard it, but when I […]

How to make an Electrical Extension Chord.

An Electrical Extention Chord is a handy thing to have around the house. Making one yourself to suit your own needs is better than to buy one and then find it too short to be of any use. All you need is: A 13 amps plug top A 13 amps switch socket A 3″ x […]