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Ramps for Dogs

For animal lovers, especially those who keep dogs and cats as pets, taking care of these pats is almost a full time job akin to taking care of a baby. There are so many things that you must do in order to keep their dogs healthy and happy. The satisfaction that they get from this […]

Different Units of Measurement.

Most of the young generation have adapted themselves to using the metric system of measurement that if you ask them to quote it in the imperial system, they are quite blank. The same happens to me when I am asked to say measurements in centimetres rather than inches. That was the way my generation was […]

Is Red Clay Bricks better Than Cement Bricks.

There are 2 types of bricks that we commonly see when we pass by some construction site. One is the cement block bricks and the other is the red clay bricks. Both are equally strong if manufactured according to specifications. The only difference is red bricks are more fire resistant. It is normal practice to […]

Funny T shirts.

T-Shirts can be a big source of income if you have the talent to come up with original and creative designs. While the cutting of T-Shirts have remained unchanged, they still sells like hot cakes all over the world. Competition is stiff and those with designs that appeal to the masses will do well. Designing […]

How to extend a new Socket Outlet.

The switch socket outlets or commonly referred to as a plug by most of us is the easiest extension that anyone can do in the house. It just involves connecting 3 wires from one socket to another. Of course if you want it to look neat and nice, you will have to make an extra […]

Getting a perfect roommate

In the year 2003, John S. Shriber and Roman Zaks started a New York corporation under the name of with a vision to change the scenario of rooms and apartment renting in the United States by allowing potential apartment seekers to match their renting criteria online with in a community of their own. The […]

Loosing Weight with Hoodia

The business of getting people to loose weight has taken the world by storm in the last few years. Almost everyday, we see advertisements about no frill loose wight programs and pills. You see famous celebrity loosing weight likes as though they are loosing their zippers. Within 3 months, spectacular results can be seen. Lately […]

House Renovating Dilemma

One very common dilemma faced by everyone when it comes to house renovation is indecision. many of us doubt our own guts feeling. One, we worry what our friends and neighbors will say if they don’t like what we have spent thousands to do. Second, we worry if we have been fleeced by the subcontractors. […]