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Is Red Clay Bricks better Than Cement Bricks.

There are 2 types of bricks that we commonly see when we pass by some construction site. One is the cement block bricks and the other is the red clay bricks. Both are equally strong if manufactured according to specifications. The only difference is red bricks are more fire resistant. It is normal practice to […]

How to extend a new Socket Outlet.

The switch socket outlets or commonly referred to as a plug by most of us is the easiest extension that anyone can do in the house. It just involves connecting 3 wires from one socket to another. Of course if you want it to look neat and nice, you will have to make an extra […]

Up the Ceiling of a Terrace House

I had to go up the ceiling yesterday to rectify a phone line in my house. Everytime I am forced to go up, I wish houses built here has an attic like those in European countries. Since most of you have never been up inside the ceiling, I will show you how it looks like. […]

What are surge protectors.

A surge protector is different from a voltage regulator. The voltage regulator that you use for you computers is a device that regulates inconsistent voltages caused by heavy usage in and around your area. This occurrences happens mostly in densely populated areas or areas where there are lots of factories or workshops that guzzles up […]

How to Patch Up Cracks on the Wall.

I think almost everyone of you has experienced this. Cracks appearing on your walls after a few years. This happens due to several factors, so i will no be describing them. The thing is these cracks are almost impossible to patch up with just wall fillers or cement. After a few months the cracks stars […]

How to make your paintwork last longer

The most common problem faced by houseowners is the growth of fungus in the outer wall of their house. The most common area where those greenish growths thrives are damp areas. No amount of washing will make them go away and the only alternative is to repaint the walls. There are many brands of paint […]

Where to Install the Ventilation Fan.

Having a ventilation fan in our kitchen and in some case the hall helps clear of fumes when we are cooking. Lots of Chinese families also have one installed in their halls because of smokes from the Jossticks that they lit up when doing their daily prayers. Two Different Models of Ventilation Fan The 2 […]

How to safely upgrade your electrical supply.

The main cause of fires due electrical faults is overloading. By default, JBE, the electrical authorities, only approves 30 amps usage for every household. If there is any additional extensions, the occupants are required to apply for an upgrade. Normally you will be required to pay additional deposits after the upgrade. The most common addition […]