Archives for July 2007

Free Norton Antivirus with Google Pack.

There are many free antivirus software that can be downloaded if you prefer not to pay. Most of them are good and very reliable, but when it comes to Antivirus, the best things is still a program from a highly respectable company like Norton. The good news is when you download the Google Pack, Norton […]

To DIY or Not to DIY

Many a times, DIY enthusiasts carries their enthusiasm a little overboard. We get carried away after accomplishing many small projects ourselves that we begin to think we can do everything ourselves. However, there are some things that really needs professional help. I have seen people attempting on projects that are far too ambitious and in […]

Remain Anonymous In The Net

With the recent developments where people have been tracked for their online activities whether with good or ill intentions, many net users are resorting for software that would let them surf anonymously. One very popular method is creating a Personal VPN. This service and a host of others to keep your identity a secret and […]

Preventive Maintenance

In every respectable manufacturing concern, their staffs will will trained in one way or another in a system called Preventive Maintenance. Basically, Preventive Maintenance to the laymen means maintaining even if it is running perfectly. It will mean down time in production schedules, extra expenses and man hours but experts in these fields have proved […]

Finding your hidden abilities

Many, if not all of us, possess some hidden abilities that we never realised are in us until something extraordinary happens and all of a sudden were are aware that we are capable of doing such things. It is like the time we were being chased by a pack of dogs when are realised that […]

Becoming your own Boss

My advise is, if you are already a boss in your own right, don’t consider being one yourself. Like foe example, you are already the head of a certain department or the manager of a multinational company, or even if you are a senior executive who has managing powers, you are already a boss in […]

Winning Poker every time

The game of poker is a game of strategy. Though luck plays a big part in ensuring you get a good hand, a real strategist in the game of poker can still win even without a hand of good cards. Professional poker players are reported to have won millions in one nights outing and I […]

Is Purified Water really Pure?

I don’t know why, but I can never bring myself to drink any water be it purified or whatever, unless it has been boiled. So even if I have a purification system which I bought for more than 2000 bucks in my home, I still boil my water before I can bring myself to drink […]