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Projectors for Rent

If your job involves lots of travelling around giving presentations and seminars, especially in the southern cities of the United States like Arlington, VA Charleston, WV Greensborough/Winston-Salem, NC Richmond, VA Savannah, GA and Tallahassee, FL., and you need projector to do a good job, there is really no need for your to lug one along […]

Forced Savings

Some of us finds it very hard to save for a rainy day. Much so for those in dealing in small businesses. Most of the time it is because money earned is rolled back into the business and what is left is used up for daily expenses and household maintenance. So at the end of […]

Investing in Fine Art.

Besides the very popular purchase of precious metals as a form of long term investment, investing in fine art and paintings is another area that many investors are willing to put their money in. These form of investments can bring tremendous profits in the long term. A piece of uniquely beautiful piece of artwork can […]

Reasons why a Business can Fail

Business goes bust for many reasons. The most common one that I have seen is indiscipline and arrogance. The other is being over ambitious. Indiscipline Indiscipline means the businessman cannot follow a set of rules that is supposed to be strictly followed by all businessman. A business should be treated as a different entity altogether […]

The fastest way to improve yourself.

I my previous article, I discussed about encroaching into territories that you are totally unfamiliar with. I also said that if the opportunity is too good to pass, then we should learn as much as possible about the new venture in the shortest time possible. I too nearly half a year to learn all that […]

Encroaching into new territories

I have talked about never venturing into something that you have no knowledge of. In whatever you decide to venture in, do make an effort to learn first if you are ignorant about certain things. So if there really is a very good opportunity in front of you and you have no experience or whatsoever […]

The May Firm

The May Firm is a law firm in Dallas that specializes in Family Law. This law firm is helmed by a very dynamic woman lawyer, Michelle May whose string of very impressive credentials put most other law firms to shame. From information gathered at The May Firm’s website, A. Michelle May, president of The May […]

Never be over confident

Over confidences can bring about a downfall, if you haven’t realised it already. In everything we do, be it in business, in work or in play, one main reason for defeat is over confidence. We don’t take our opponents of our work too seriously, thinking we are so good at it that we can overcome […]