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Getting To Know People Online

One of the most successful business that have been time tested to succeed is the online dating service. It is a business, if well managed, that can grow and grow with no end in sight and the sky is only the limit. One reason of this phenomenal growth is the simple and basic human instinct […]

Your First Investment.

When a young man or a woman, fresh out of College and all eager to star on their first job, the thrill of getting their first pay check is and experience that they will long remember. The sense of self worth is overwhelming, knowing that finally they are financially independent and able to fend for […]

The 2 Kinds Of Businessmen

There are 2 kinds of businessmen. maybe I should phrase that. There are 2 kinds of men in the business world. One is the go getter and the other is the one who is satisfied with what he has. The go getter will be the one taking all the risk. He might also be the […]

Unsecured Business Loan

To finance a business plan or to expand a present business, most businessmen resort loans. There are may kinds of loans available to them, but most will need a collateral of some kind and even if those are not needed the businessmen will have to get someone with good credit credentials to be his guarantor […]

Don’t Try To Act Too Smart

Acting smart when you are not causes many a downfall. Not neccasary in business but also as an individual as a whole. Nobody likes a smart aleck who can wait to show off how smart he is. The old saying “Empty Vessels makes The Most Noise” should be well heeded, especially by those who are […]

Writing A Good Business Plan.

A good business plan is the critical first step as to whether the business proposals that you have put forth will succeed. Writing a good business proposal is not anything like writing an essay in school or writing an article in your blog. There is science involved in writing a good business plan. A well […]

Changing Strategy To Match The Times

Times change and along with the time, buying patterns and habits of shoppers will also change. With rising cost of daily living standards, consumers are not what they were before. They tend to be more prudent and calculative of how they spend and what they buy. The end result will be a loss of income […]

The Online Women Shoes Store

About 2 or 3 years ago, a new kind of shoes that looks like the head of a crocodile took the world by storm and had all men, women, young and old, crazy for a pair. There was no clear explanation as to why these shoes, manufactured by Foam Creations, Inc. which was later acquired […]