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Never Look Down On Anybody

I had wanted to write something else, but I received this story from a friend and thought it is a good story to share here. I hope everyone gets inspired bu this story. The Ah Kau Story Ah Kau is a guy who sells newspaper every morning next to your apartment, and you are one […]

Garage Floor Solution

For those who has a garage in the their house, they will tell you that the floors of their garage is the most difficult to maintain. Oil stains, leaking from our parked cars, or stains leftover when we do some DIY services on our car are never properly treated immediately. Oil stains left over a […]

Life After Your Secondary Education

Thousands of students are taking their year end exams and come next year. life will be totally different for them. The majority will want to continue to college or pursue a course of their interest while a large portion will opt to drop out either by will or forced out by circumstances. Either way, this […]

When The Rainy Season Comes, Sell Umbrellas.

That is the wise saying handed down for generations. It means to adapt to the situation and I think all sensible businessmen should take this advise seriously. It not only means that we should adapt to the present situation, it also mean we should take advantage of it all opportunities that comes clearly before our […]

Selling Rugs Online

Superior rugs is an online shopping site dealing specially in rugs and rugs alone. This site stocks a wide variety of rugs that comes in various sizes, shapes and colors. As it is essential for any online stores to carry a wide range of products, there are the very popular Persian rugs, the much sought […]

Presevering To Success

Rome wasn’t build in a day. No-one in this world can claim to have the ability to start a business and start making money from day one. If you coma across such claims, it is a scam. How can you make money from day one? That is impossible. From the planning stage to the launching […]

Will Rising Prices Effect Your Business?

Prices of commodities have been on the rise. There are worries that this might lead to world inflation which will in turn lead to another depression. I am no expert in these field, but speaking from an ordinary businessmen point of view, these rising prices do somewhat effects business. On the short term at least. […]