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Wholesale Printing Online

The best way to market your products, your company or even your blogs is through the printed media. You can do it with newsletters, brochures or even posters. Advertising products these way is cheap and efficient and it is the best way to bring the message across. A brochure or a poster which is visually […]

The Year That Was

As the year closes in, it is time I take stock of what I had accomplished with this blog. It has been quite an eventful year for Old Things. I started this blog in February on the premise of relating my experience as a school drop out who made a decent living without the much […]

Second To Die Life Insurance

I don’t pride myself to know a lot about insurance, but I felt I do know enough as I have bought different kinds of insurance for me and my family members and have gone through hours with my insurance agent asking and listening to what I am about to buy. However even after all those […]

When The Well Dries Out

When the old well dries out, the resourceful one will dig a new one. Imagine you have been doing something really lucrative for a few years. It may be some kind of business or it could be a certain specialized trade that not many were practising. You made lots of money and naturally when a […]

Apply For A Small Business Grant To Kick-start Your Business

U.S. citizens and legal residents who have a good business plan, whether they want to start it from scratch or as an expansion of their present business, have the privilege of applying for Small Business Grants that are given out by the US Government to help then kick-start whatever viable plans that hey might have. […]

When You Want To Leave Your Job

There comes a day when you will want to seek greener pastures, find a job elsewhere or maybe you indeed have found greener pastures and you are preparing to leave your present employer. It could also due to other reasons, like some who can’t get along with their difficult colleagues or maybe they have over […]

Save Operating Costs By Using Answering Services and Call Centers

In any business setup, a base where clients can reach you is the first and foremost priority that one should look into. Without a base, the first impression that your customers or clients will get is you are not professional enough they will doubt your trustworthiness. However, setting up a proper office with all the […]

Admitting To Your Weak Points

It takes courage to admit that you are weak in certain things. It also take a lot of maturity. If we are matured enough to know where and what are our weak points, we can avoid making lots of mistakes along the way. We should take a good look at ourselves first if we were […]