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Remote Network Administrating with Uplogix Envoy

The award winning appliance Envoy by Uplogix is a product that helps network administrators by reducing their man-hours spent on physical attention at every location that their clients networks are spanned. Envoy has the capability to address 95% of the issues that impact distributed networks and automate more than 60% of normal maintenance tasks – […]

Product Research or Market Research

Which comes first? The product or the market? Now I haven’t attended any marketing school but experience tells me that market should come first, which I think is just plain common sense. If you have a product but there is no market for it, common sense will tell you that the product will not move. […]

Good Deals From Comcast

Comcast offers 3 different kinds of inter related service that when bundled together offer consumers considerable savings in their monthly expenses. Within the bundle,the services offered includes Comcast Digital Phone, Comcast High Speed Internet and Comcast Cable TV. These 3 services when applied together will save consumers more than $200 after rebates. Taking the bundle […]

The Era Of Globalization

The world is your market. The saying that the world is at your feet now stands so true with the Internet boom. The trend now for many tech savvy people is to start an online store and tap into the world market. The latest figure revealed by Technorati stands at more than 50 million sites […]

Different Kinds Of Light Bulbs

I wish I got his earlier. Then I will be able to introduce some really unique and beautiful Christmas lights to brighten up your homes for Christmas. During my days as an electrician, Christmas will be the busiest time of the year. Contrary to what you see on TV where everyone will be putting up […]

Why Learning More Than One Trade Is Important

It is commonsense that the more we know, the highly we will be regarded. Our self worth will double with our knowledge. So it always appropriate to have yourself master at least 2 trades or fields. A simple example of days gone by was when an accountant just knows how to enter all his transactions […]