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Computer Repairing As Career

Ask yourself this question. What is the biggest invention in the last century? Yes, it’s the computer. This gadget has taken the world in such a humongous way that for some countries, it is virtually impossible to survive without a computer. Every household has at least one computer. Most have more than 2. Imagine the […]

Learn A Trade That Suits You

I have always emphasised on the fact that you don’t neccasarily need a University degree to make good in life. I have to repeat that the age old saying, “Give a man a fish and he will have fish for a day, Teach the man to fish and he will have fish for the rest […]

Chelation Therapy As A Prevention

In the previous post I discussed about health care and the problems faced by people who cannot afford it. Now lets look at it from the perspective of those who can actually afford first class health care. Do you think they like falling sick knowing that they will have no problem getting the best medical […]

Preparing For The Future

In most advanced countries or should I say, developed countries, health care is well taken care off. This cannot be said about countries that are less developed or what we call “developing countries”. The problem is in these type of counties, health care amenities are also being developed and modern machines and medicines usually cost […]

Search For Untapped Markets

To succeed, there has to be supply and demand. That is the first rule of business and all those who has been to business school would have learned that. Supply and demand works hand in hand. There has to be ample demand to justify the supply. If there is no or not enough demand, then […]

Starting Out As An Online Entrepreneur

As the economy dwindles and the cost of living rises, we have to start being adventurous and try out new things or businesses to supplement our income. To start traditional business like a retail store or whatever, you will need substantial capital and time investment. A good alternative that lets you carry on with what […]