A 3 Pin Plug That Can Be Folded


The 3 pin plug is one of the most successful electrical item ever to be invented. The design and usages of the 3 pin plug has been the same for as long as I can remember. No one has came forward to improve or innovate on the design simply because it is as practical as it can be and it has became an accepted fact that there is no more room for improvement for the 3 pin plug.

The Improved 3 Pin Plug

However, the advancement of technology has made the 3 pin plug a dinosaur. No longer is the plug used only in the house. People travel with gadgets and appliances that needs the 3 pin plug to be carried along. The present and trusted design proved to be quite obstructive for frequent travellers. Thus the need for a new and improved design for the 3 pin plug.

A 3 Pin Plug That Can be Folded Like A Piece Of Paper

I caught this video about a very new and innovative design for this favourite household item. It is so practical that I think the inventor is going to make billions with this invention when this fold-able 3 pin plug hits the market.

Check out this video.