A Simple Electrical Circuit


I have some enquiries about how a circuit work. A circuit consist of 2 parrallel wires running side by side. One brings the current and the other lets the current flows back, creating a simple circuit. The one that brings the current is the live wire and the other one that takes the current home is the neutral wire. Both have to be in good condition and any breakage in between any of the wires will result in a failed circuit.

Like wise, if we want to break a circuit, we install a switch along one of the wires. So when the switch is in off position, the circuit will be broken and the light will be switched off.

A short circuit happens when these two wires gets accidentally connected together. For example, if the 2 wires at the light bulb were twisted together without going through the bulb first, it will result in a short circuit and it cause a small explosion if your circuit breaker is not functioning. Below is a simple diagram of a light circuit.