A Sitting Toilet or a Squatting Toilet


Sometimes I get very unusual questions from my customers. When I was a plumber, lots of house owners asked me this question when they want to extend another bathroom in their house.

Which is better, A sitting Toilet or a Squatting Toilet.

It’s such a silly question when I first heard it, but when I hear it many times over, I realise that to the unbecoming, it’s not silly at all. First of all, whether you believe it or not, most of the first time home buyers have never used a sitting toilet before. They used to stay in villages for most of their lives and it’s only now that their children can afford to buy a house with modern amenities that they get to stay in a house with toilet attached.

My advise to them is, use a sitting toilet. After all the toilets we have in our house can be considered private toilets. We know our family members don’t have any contagious disease that we might catch if we use the same toilet seat. Furthermore, when age catches up, it would be quite a burden on your knees if you are to squat for 10 or 15 minutes. So why not just sit down comfortably and enjoy what you must naturally do.

Some complains that they cannot adapt to sitting down when they have been squatting all their lives. It always invokes some laughter, so I tell them to have the best of both worlds. Have one that is squatting and have another that is sitting. It’s a win win situation. I get to do and earn more and they get to choose their preferred way of doing their job.