A Testimonial is worth 2 Diploma


If you are one who detest examinations and test, you can actually forget about getting yourself properly certified, but yet command the same salary as a certified personnel. It takes only an effort. Only thing you need is good working ethics that your boss likes and of course as usual be hardworking. A hard-worker, even though he might not realize it, always gets noticed by their employers, only thing is some employers don’t like to praise their workers lest they get arrogant and start acting like a prima donna.

The idea is always do a good job when given one. Be responsible for what you are doing. Do more of what is required of you. For example, if you are given the task of installing a simple switch, don’t just install the switch and say your job is done. Clean up the area, patch back whatever cracks that you may caused when you install that switch. In short, leave the area as clean as it was before you came in to replace that switch. That’s call initiative. Customers likes this type of responsible workers. They will praise you in front of your boss. You will get many brownie points.

That’s just an example. Imagine if you are involved in massive multi million dollar projects. If you can have this initiative in you, you will be noticed by those foreign expatriates. When the project ends, that’s when the pay back comes.

A wise and hardworking worker always ask and insist on a resume or testimonial from their Employees when the project ends.  A solid testimonial from an International Firm like GEC or JGC or whoever, does wonders to your worthiness.  It acts like a referral letter. It’s like a recommendation from them when you go for an interview with another Company. Imagine a recomendation letter signed by a Japanese Chief Project Engineer or an British Project Manager praising you for your good job ecthics. That is very impressive.

The more Companies you have worked for, the more testimonials you collect. Each of this is like a diploma. They will show prospective employers your true skill and knowledge that you have. They will show all the experience that you have gathered. These testimonials are something that only those who have worked in that field will have. It surpasses any diploma from any colleges. People with multiple testimonials gets jobs that pay within the MR 10K region. Believe me. I know few of them myself.