A Twin Tube Florescent Light with one ballast?


I received an intriguing question in my comments on the post about faulty florescent lights. Yosef asked if I can help him identify his twin tube florescent light which does not work even after replacing all the parts.  The intriguing part is he said his twin tube florescent light had only one single ballast which i found to be quite strange.

Maybe I have been out of touch or maybe that is some new technology, but in my more than 15 years of practice as an electrician, I have yet to come across a twin tube light that can be operated with a single ballast. But as I presumed Yosef have been using the light for sometime without problem and is now only  trying to repair that light, I will take it that I am really out of touch.

As in all repairs, think basic. Since you have replaced all the replaceable part, and I presumed you have confirmed that those new parts are in good working condition, (for your information, some brand new starters or ballast can be faulty too), the next place to check will the wirings inside your lights casing. Wires after prolonged use gets brittle due to the heat generated by the ballast. The break easily within the rubber sleeve insulation so you can’t see where it has broken. Make sure all the wires are in good order. If you have a battery operated test light it will be easy. Otherwise you will have to manually check each wire to make sure they are not broken midway.

Next you must check the tube holders. Sometimes the connections loosens at the holders terminal. Make sure they are secure. All this is said on presumption that you haven’t messed up with the wirings inside the lights casing.

If all these still doesn’t solve your problem, then I suggest you just buy a new set. Or if indeed it is a new set, then have it replaced. If you bought the set in this country, Malaysia, I think you have been short changed, for I really haven’t come across any twin tube lights that can be operated with a single ballast.