This blog serves as a record of sorts for the experience that I have gathered trough more than 30 years slogging in many fields of trade.

I joined the job market at the age of 17 and today at 51 is still slogging away albeit a little more slowly.

I hope what I have recorded down here could serve as a reference to the younger generation before they hit the streets not knowing what to expect. It’s all about a guy who made his living without all the proper qualifications but still yet manage to put 2 children through University with another 2 more on the way.

Just wanted to show young people out there who are unfortunate enough to get a higher education that it is possible to make a comfortable living without any scrolls.

This is not a “teach you what to do” blog. I’m not qualified to teach people how to live their lives as I don’t even consider myself successful in life. Readers can read with they see here with a pinch of salt and might not agree with what is written as each individual have their own idea on how to approach and live their life.

Thanks for visiting.