Adjusting and Adapting to Different Circumstances


Humans must be flexible. If you are not flexible enough you will never adapt to new surroundings or circumstances. A wise man once said, “we must be like a pool of water” If you observe, water adapts to different surroundings and situations. No matter what happens water will remain and adjust its form to suit the situation. If you place water into a bottle, it will fill up the bottle without any complications. If you pour it into a square container, it will also fit in nicely. So we must be like water. We must be able to adjust ourselves to fit any circumstances.

A person who cannot fit in will face problems wherever he goes. He cannot expect others to play according to his tunes every time. How do we bring ourselves to fit in?

Be knowledgeable

Everyone should make an effort to learn new things. If one day you get transferred to another department which is totally new to you and you did not learn beforehand what the department is dealing with, you will be left out because you won’t be able to fit in.  Once you get a notice of transfer, make sure you do your research about the new place and surroundings.  Every new place or department will have their own unique way of doing things. If you were to think that people will change their ways to accommodate you, you are wrong. You should be the one changing to adapt to their way. Not them.

Be polite and humble

Like wise, if you are planning to shift base to another town of city, try to learn as much of the new area as possible. Find out what the town folks do in their spare time. Learn their dialect or language. Their favorite food and pastime. Know as much as possible so that when you move in,  you won’t feel out of place and when you meet new friends you won’t be left out from their conversation. It is just a matter of asking around politely. Most will be more than eager to introduce their town to a new comer.

Don’t be a Snob

The most important thing when trying to fit in is on your lips. Smile and be polite. The other is not trying to show you are smarter than those guys who has been there for decades. Be humble and show your gratitude when favors are granted. Don’t be a snob and you will fit in perfectly wherever you go.