Admitting To Your Weak Points


It takes courage to admit that you are weak in certain things. It also take a lot of maturity. If we are matured enough to know where and what are our weak points, we can avoid making lots of mistakes along the way.

We should take a good look at ourselves first if we were to understand our inner self. We may imagine ourselves to be good at something but when we are faced with the actual thing we will son discover that we simply do not have the talent nor the ability to do such things. For example, I see a lot of young people wanting to be singers or artists. They imagine themselves to be good at it, but the hard cold truth is many don’t have that talent and the sad thing is they don’t realise it until somebody tells them the truth. Even that sometimes fails to convince them of their weakness.

We must all learn to accept the fact that if we are no good, then we are no good. We move on and do something else that we are good at. If we are to waste our time and effort on something we are not cut out to do, we will never succeed. There is nothing to feel bad about our weakness. Every human has their own weakness. The important thing is to know them and admit to them.