Applying Feng Shui To Your Business.


Feng Shui, the ancient art of geomancy,  is the practise of coordinating the five aspects of nature to blend harmoniously with our living or working conditions. Some like to call it by it’s more scientifically sounding name, The Study of Metaphysics. In it’s core, Feng Shui is all about logic, but over the years it has evolved into something supernatural and practitioners claims that Feng Shui can bring unexpected results beyond human logic.

The Chinese are the staunchest believer in Feng Shui. From their Ancestor’s grave to their toiltes in their homes, they spare no expenses in getting the Feng Shui right lest ill fortune befalls upon them and their family.

It is not a bad thing to practise Feng Shui as long as it does not turn into a superstition. The placing of tables or placements of aquariums does in fact add a sense serendipity to your work place or to your homes. When you walk into an office that is well placed out with furniture arranged in such a way that it pleases the human eye, there will be an air of cosiness which will in turn increase your productivity. When that happens, inevitably profit increases and credits will go the the Feng Shui Master for “changing the Feng Shui, so they have prospered”

Alternatively, when a house is neat and all items are nicely laid out, occupants of that house will also feel less irritated by small and minor things. Arguments will be lessened, and again, tribute will be given to Feng Shui for bringing harmony to the household.

However, due to this simple logic and human nature to believe in the unknown, many unscrupulous Feng Shui Masters have added an element of supernatural mystery into their practise. After arranging the furniture or doing some renovations that would enhance the working or living conditions, they insist that certain items like a rock Lion statue or a unicorn be placed in some auspicious corners which purportedly will activate the good chi and make them prosperous. Most believers will take their words for it and spend hundreds if not thousands to buy those artifacts which in fact has nothing to do with the true practise of Feng Shui.

If you have a store that is not doing too well and if you do believe that something is amiss, by all means get a Feng Shui expert to have a look. They might have some good suggestions on how you should arrange your goods or how you should decorate your store front so you can attract more customers, but be wary when they start to insist that you place some expensive artifacts here and there. I have tried it and it does not work.