Backing up Files Online


What most people do nowadays when wanting to backup their crucial data and sensitive files is by way of getting an external hard drive or transferring the files into CDs. While this is a very convenient and proven way, it is still not the safest way. These things can be damaged in unfortunate events like a fire of a flood or it could be stolen if you office or homes are broken into.

While it is still advisable to have backups in these formats, will it not be better and safer to also backup all those crucial files with an online backup service like IDrive-E Online Backup? It’s doubles your protection. It’s like backing up your backups.

IDrive-E Online Backup offers 2 versions of backups. One that is very convenient and affordable is the IDrive-E basic which offers a 2 GB storage space free of charge. It’s good for bloggers and small timers like us. The other version which best suits small businessmen and people who have lots of files is the IDrive-E Pro version. This version offers unlimited storage for a token sum of just $4.95 per month. If you opt for the yearly plan, it’s only $49.50 per year and on top of that, you get 2 months free storage.

IDrive-E Online Backup offers a host of features that are unmatched by other Online backup services. It’s secure and reliable with it’s high end features and most importantly it is very user friendly. A Demo of IDrive-E Online Backup is available at their website should you be interested to find out more.