Be A Specialist In Your Field


It is good to be multi talented. Everyone admires a guy with multiple talents. Out of 10,000 people there is a remote chance that we will come across a multi talented person so they are a rare species. Some of us might be good at many things, but when it comes to specializing in all of those, it is quite impossible so the best formula will be to be really good in one.

The robots that we see in advanced manufacturing plants like a automobile assembly line cost millions of dollars, yet they are designed to do only one specific job, but since they are built specially for that job, these robots can accomplish their jobs a hundred times faster and better than a generic robot that does 2 or 3 tasks.

We too should also focus our training like a robot, so we excel in one particular field and be really good at it. If you are so good that you can do things that others can’t in the same field, your services will carry a high value. We can use a simple example. Why do pest controllers charge you so much for ridding the termites in our house. I mean the really good and reputable ones and not those fly by night types. It’s because they can do a job that not many can and they are so confident that they can even give you a limited time guarantee that your house will be termite free for certain years.

Another simple example are those medical specialists. Their charges are exhohibant, yet their clinics are filled to the brim each day.

You don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands getting a specialist degree. You can be a crane driver or an electrician. As long as you are really good in your field, people will come to you with no grouses over your charges.