Be a Team Player.


There are 2 types of personalities that are distinctively different in this world. One is the type that has a talent to delegate and the other is the type that takes the jobs delegated to them. Both are crucial to the implementation of any business or work plans. Needless to say, on the surface, the person delegating has an easier time as he will be the guy sitting in the office the whole day while the guy who has been delegated has to dirty his hands getting the actual job done. To the man on the street, the latter will be praised while to the management of the company, the former will be more appreciated.

It is a two way street. Someone may be the best strategist or the best planner, but if he could not get a reliable guy to carry out his plans the way he wanted, all the planning will result in nought. So it is will be a perfect combination if each can compliment another with their specified role.

Some may join the company as the guy who takes the delegation. It is important that they recognise the role in the company and does what is told. In many cases, these people feels that it is unfair that they have to be running around while they other guy just sits in his office giving orders. They must come to terms that their job scope is such, and being so, they should do the jobs delegated to them with full commitment. They should not be questioning any decisions made by the guy in the office, the best they can do, is by suggesting a different idea, if they really felt that the plan can be carried out differently.

The most important aspect of this relationship is respect. The guy giving out the orders must have enough respect to know that the guy doing the job will do a good job. On the other hand, the guy doing the job should respect the decision enough to confidently finish the job as specified. Each must realise that their talents are different. Some are good workers and some are good planners. It takes two of a kind to balance out and make the company successful.