Be resourseful and you won’t starve.


This year, there are only 70,000 odd places available at government sponsored public universities as compared to the 135,000 applicants. That means only about 50% will get to carry on with their studies at 20 Universities and that’s only an estimated figure released by the authorities. What about those who did not apply at all due to financial difficulties or various other reasons. Conservatively, there will be at least 80,000 to 100,000 left in a lurch, not knowing what to do or where to go.

It’s very appropriate for the Education Ministry to advise those who failed to gain entry to enroll into private colleges or polytechnics. Okay, lets be fair and say 50% of those do indeed enter into those private colleges or whatever, that still leaves nearly 50,000 jobless. What are their plans for these people? They are left to fend for their own, that’s what.

That’s why I always maintain my opinion that you should depend on yourself for your own livelihood if you are not one of the fortunate 50%. It’s not the end of the world. There are other ways to make something out of yourself. For those who are fortunate enough, do make the best out of your good fortune.

Lim Goh Tong did not have a very education, yet he is among the world’s top billionaires. So there is no reason why a non graduate cannot make a decent living. Many won’t be billionaires like Uncle Lim, but at least you should realize that in Malaysia, though with all her misgivings about race preference and all, there are opportunities for everyone. No one should complain that they cannot make a living here.

I have seen a guy, who has been stranded in a remote town with no money in his pockets and no friends as he is new in town, and yet he did not starve. He did the most resourceful thing. He went to the local police station and asked for a place to sleep and for 3 meals in exchange for cleaning the police station compounds. He did not beg. He did not go and rob. He worked for his dues. Within 3 days, the policemen there got him a job at the service station washing cars and his livelihood problem was solved. Later when I saw him again after 3 months, he was toiling away at the construction site. The pay was much better. He had started to acquire a skill. He even bought a second hand motorcycle. This is the sort of people who succeeds in life. With or without a degree.