Be your trueself and admit your weaknesses.


It’s difficult but it is important that we distinguish ourselves. No two humans are born 100% alike. They might have the same intelligence, same character, same likes and same dislikes but there are bound to be something different. So we must first get to know ourselves really well before we can blend in.

To admit and to recognize our weakness is something that most of us try to ignore. We find it hard to admit to ourselves that we are really not that something that we had hoped for. We tend to think that we are as capable and as good as the other guy. If you are, then of course it’s a good thing, but if you aren’t please admit it. To your self and to everyone else. Trying to cheat yourself into thinking otherwise will only bring misery to your own-self.

Taking the profession of a very popular job like a salesman for example. Some people are just not cut out to be a salesman. They don’t have the gift of the gab. They don’t like to socialize, They are introverts. Look into the mirror and ask yourself if you are one of that. Answer truthfully. If you are, you better look for something else that don’t need you to meet strange people.  Likewise, some are just not born to be leaders. They hate giving instruction to people. They hate reprimanding people. They hate managing schedules and meeting deadlines. Then they better get a job that don’t need them to do these things. There is no point bluffing yourself that you can do it.

Some argue that if you don’t try it out, how are you going to find out if that’s what you hate? True and I agree. Sometimes you need to be in that position to realize your true self. I too have put myself in lots of positions just to see if I’m suitable for that kind of job. After so many years and after so many different experiences, I have come to the realization that I have lots of weakness and from these experiences, I too realize that it is best to admit to these weaknesses. Once you have come to terms with yourself, it’s much easier to live life. One more thing, be brave enough to show your weaknesses to others.

Nobody is perfect anyway. So what if you are not going to be a good manager. You can always be a model employee. The most important thing is you will be happy being one and a happy employee is the most productive employee.  If your boss realize that you won’t be a good manager, but a fantastic and diligent worker who likes to take orders instead of giving, he will find other ways to reward you even without promoting you to become that manager that you hate being. All employers hate loosing good workers like that.