Beating The Broadband Blues


Broadband Internet has been in existence for years, yet the speeds that we are getting has not seen much improvements. There are constant drops in connection which leaves some who depends on the Internet to make a living in utter frustration over the down time. This, however will very soon be a thing of the past as satellite Internet is fast gaining popularity.

Now what is satellite Internet and how does it work? As the name suggest, satellite Internet is Internet connection via a satellite. Users can well do away with the fixed line that they are using now as satellite Internet service is completely wireless and all they need is a satellite dish and a compatible computer.

Looking at the graphics below, when a user types in a URL in his browser, the request is sent directly to a satellite via the satellite dish, the satellite will then send the signal to the satellite Internet provider, where all the data is gathered and beamed back to the user using the same route.

Among the handful of Satellite Internet providers providing satellite Internet services, HughesNet is

is a broadband Internet connection available to every household in the lower 48 states with a clear view of the southern sky. Unlike most Internet connections Hughesnet uses satellite technology, not your phone line, to offer a super-fast, always on connection to your favorite websites.

Their services is made possible by US an authorised HughesNet dealer. There are 2 price packages available for Home use and for business use. At time of writing, there is a limited time offer where subscribers can have HughesNet installed for $0.

Head over to US to peruse their complete packages and pricing.