Career As a Massage Therapist.


Out of the many skills that you can learn if you decide to drop of form school after your secondary education is one that is still quite new and unexplored and in this society where almost all skills have been exploited and in abundance, becoming a massage therapist is, in my opinion, as very good option that school leavers can consider.

There are many ways to learn this trade. You can go for apprenticeship. Massage therapy centers does employ people who are eager to learn and they are willing to train them. Of course learning massage therapy this way might take longer than usual and you might meet with masters that are not too willing to teach you the finer points, but look at it this way, you will be getting all the hands on experience.

First of all, as in all kinds of trade where you start of as apprentice, you start from the very bottom. This means you get to learn every thing that is required of you in this trade, like learning to clean the the area in a proper way, learn to recognise the tools of the trade like those massage oils and lotions used. You will also be required to wash and clean all the towels or sheets used. Knowing all these small details will make you a better massage therapist in the future. The most important thing is you get to see the masters in action and I have always emphasized that learning by watching the masters is the best way.

Observe and see how they do it. Never ask any questions when they are doing their jobs. Just observe and when the opportunity arises, like over tea or lunch, ask them what you don’t understand. Some might not want to part with their knowledge, but most will be eager to teach, because it gives them a chance to show off their knowledge.

Of course if you don’t like to become an apprentice and go though the hardship, there are easier alternative to realize your ambitions. You can enrol into a massage therapy school and learn the trade via a classroom. These schools or academies provide professional massage therapist as tutors and you get to learn all the tips and tricks needed. Suffice to say, you will have to pay for it, but you learn faster and easier than going into apprenticeship.

For whatever course you have chosen to take, it is most important that you do researches on your own. Read up as many books on this trade as possible on your own. There are thousands of these massage therapy blogs and web sites that gives you an insight of what to expect should you want to pursue a career in this filed.