How To Rivet Using A Rivet Gun

Rivets are best used for joining to pieces of flat metal sheets or bars. Though there will be occasions when some will also use it on wooded sheets like plywood, the riveted joints will not be as strong as those that are used on metal sheets. Keeping some common size rivets and a rivet gun […]

How To Repair A Wall Crack

Wall cracks are common problems for lots of house owners, especially those who buys ready made houses that are built en mass like those in housing estates. In construction of houses like these, not much attention is paid to the foundation of the land before the houses are built. Cracks in the walls of the […]

How To Drill Holes In The Cement Wall To Hang A Picture

There are a few things to watch out when you want to drill holes in the wall to hang pictures or whatever things that need to be hung. Taking these precautions to prevent something going wrong before drilling any holes in the wall will save you a lot of heartaches and money. This is especially […]

How To Install A Fancy Decorative Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans have come a long way. From the humongous wrought iron fans that weighs a ton, to the lighter version after that, ceiling fans these days serves not only to cool down our homes, it also serves as a decorative item that make our home more attractive. Instead of the plain white ceiling fan […]

Lightning Arrestors

What are lightning arrestors? As the name implies, a lightning arrestor is a device to arrest lightning. It is general knowledge that lightnings are dangerous. It can cause material and physical harm and in extreme cases, lives can be lost. There are places which are prone to lightning strikes and if you are staying in […]

What Causes The Electrical Circuit Breaker To Trip.

The circuit breaker in our homes are designed to give us protection against 3 things, but this protective equipment has almost always been overlooked and taken for granted. 90% of house owners never bother to check if their circuit breaker is in good working condition regularly. Even when the breaker has tripped, most will just […]

Installing an Alarm System in your Premises

Another security feature that is fast catching up with house and shop owners is the installation of alarms. In fact, Insurance Companies refuses to insure shops and factories against theft if Security Alarms are not present in their premises and proper home security is not strictly observed. Finding a Suitable Alarm System. For a normal […]

Year End Spring Cleaning

Comes every December, the majority will begin their annual once a year spring cleaning of their homes in anticipation of the year end festivities. What are the stuffs to be thrown out and what are the stuffs that should be retained till the next cleaning? That is the question that goes trough the minds of […]