Up the Ceiling of a Terrace House

I had to go up the ceiling yesterday to rectify a phone line in my house. Everytime I am forced to go up, I wish houses built here has an attic like those in European countries. Since most of you have never been up inside the ceiling, I will show you how it looks like. […]

How to Patch Up Cracks on the Wall.

I think almost everyone of you has experienced this. Cracks appearing on your walls after a few years. This happens due to several factors, so i will no be describing them. The thing is these cracks are almost impossible to patch up with just wall fillers or cement. After a few months the cracks stars […]

How to make your paintwork last longer

The most common problem faced by houseowners is the growth of fungus in the outer wall of their house. The most common area where those greenish growths thrives are damp areas. No amount of washing will make them go away and the only alternative is to repaint the walls. There are many brands of paint […]

Where to Install the Ventilation Fan.

Having a ventilation fan in our kitchen and in some case the hall helps clear of fumes when we are cooking. Lots of Chinese families also have one installed in their halls because of smokes from the Jossticks that they lit up when doing their daily prayers. Two Different Models of Ventilation Fan The 2 […]

How to overcome Low Water Pressure in your Bathrooms

Water pressure from the mains are regulated by the water authorities so there isn’t much you can do except to complain to them if your area is really facing serious water pressure problems. Sometimes when there is a water shortage, they divert water from housing estates to a higher priority area like a hospital. Low […]

How to save a little bit of electricity each day

I have said before that appliances that you use to heat up things like the oven, the cooker or the kettle and appliances that utilizes a electrical motor to keep it running like a refrigerator, the washing machine or the Air condition, consumes the most electricity in a household. Some appliances like the refrigerator has […]

How to use the plunger effectively

The most common tool that everyone uses when thee is clogged drainage pipe is the good old plunger. The plunger can be a very useful tool to have around the house. It’s the tool to use before you actually call in the experts. However, 8 out of 10 times, people find plungers ineffective. One reason […]

How to Light up the Fluorescent Light with a Faulty Starter

The fluorescent light starter is just like our car’s battery. Once the car have been started, we can disconnect he batteries and the car will still run, but when you stop the engines, you will need the batteries to start it up again. Like I have said before in my past articles, the main function […]