How to protect and prolong your iron grills from rust

Come end of the year we will see lots of people painting their front gates and door grills. Lot of homeowners who have the means have replaced their iron gates with steel ones that does not rust or loose it’s shine, but those are pricey, so the majority of people still stick with those made […]

How to stop your water closets from overflowing

A very very simple tip that even a 12 year old can do. If your toilets water closet, some prefers to call it a cistern, is overflowing, all you have to do is to tighten the level adjuster inside the cistern. Tightening the screw (shown here) will shut of the float valve faster, so the […]

Why the ceiling fan wobbles

The main cause of a ceiling fan wobbling is due to the mialignment of the fan’s blades. Just like a car tyre that is out of balance which causes the tyres to wobble when it reaches a certain speed, the celing fan also wobbles almost with silimlar reasons. The fan blades can go out of […]

Is Red Clay Bricks better Than Cement Bricks.

There are 2 types of bricks that we commonly see when we pass by some construction site. One is the cement block bricks and the other is the red clay bricks. Both are equally strong if manufactured according to specifications. The only difference is red bricks are more fire resistant. It is normal practice to […]

House Renovating Dilemma

One very common dilemma faced by everyone when it comes to house renovation is indecision. many of us doubt our own guts feeling. One, we worry what our friends and neighbors will say if they don’t like what we have spent thousands to do. Second, we worry if we have been fleeced by the subcontractors. […]

Up the Ceiling of a Terrace House

I had to go up the ceiling yesterday to rectify a phone line in my house. Everytime I am forced to go up, I wish houses built here has an attic like those in European countries. Since most of you have never been up inside the ceiling, I will show you how it looks like. […]

How to Patch Up Cracks on the Wall.

I think almost everyone of you has experienced this. Cracks appearing on your walls after a few years. This happens due to several factors, so i will no be describing them. The thing is these cracks are almost impossible to patch up with just wall fillers or cement. After a few months the cracks stars […]

Rats in your house?

Some are terrified with rats. So how do we get rid of them? The best way is to keep a cat in the house! Common sense isn’t it? But in some circumstances it is impossible for you to keep a pet. The best alternative of course is to trap it. It is a cruel act […]