Use a Solar Heater for your Water Heating needs.

For those staying in their houses with roofs, installing a Solar heater will pay in the long run. A Solar Heater as the name implies, uses the sun’s energy to heat up your water. Available in few capacities, the most popular ones are the 30 gallons or 50 gallons ones. A normal 30 gallons Solar […]

Why the Kitchen Sink’s Drainage Pipe gets Clogged

The kitchen sink is the place where we wash our plates and woks after cooking or after our meals. The drainage or waste pipe gets clogged after a prolonged time due to a few factors. Leftovers being discarded and wash down the Waste pipe. That’s one very common reason. Lots of people thinks that they […]

How to replace a Bathroom Door Hinge.

I replaced the hinges of my bathroom door yesterday. Though I profess using the right tool for the right job, I broke the rules yesterday. I realized that not every household have all the necessary tools for these small maintenance jobs. I do have a set of electrical drill but after realizing that most of […]