How to have uninterupted water supply (pt2)

Another very simple way to utilize the water in your storage tanks in cases when water is disrupted is to have 2 separate supplies going to your kitchen sinks. Almost all housholds uses the double sinks nowadays and lots of them have one sink with water from the Mains as required and the other coming […]

How to have continuous water supply even if there is water rationing.

Under the Water Department’s regulation, when installing the plumbing system for a new house, the water from the Mains goes to the storage tank and the kitchen sinks. From the storage tanks the water is then directed to all other outlets like the bathrooms and toilets. It is from this age old regulation that I […]

How to overcome Low Water Pressure in your Bathrooms

Water pressure from the mains are regulated by the water authorities so there isn’t much you can do except to complain to them if your area is really facing serious water pressure problems. Sometimes when there is a water shortage, they divert water from housing estates to a higher priority area like a hospital. Low […]

A Sitting Toilet or a Squatting Toilet

Sometimes I get very unusual questions from my customers. When I was a plumber, lots of house owners asked me this question when they want to extend another bathroom in their house. Which is better, A sitting Toilet or a Squatting Toilet. It’s such a silly question when I first heard it, but when I […]

How to determine the faults for Low Water Pressure. Pt.2

For every household, it a mandatory to have a water storage tank. For a single storey terraced house, the tanks must be at least 400 gallons as specified by the water authorities. A 400 gallon water storage tank should last a small family at least 2 days if something inevitable happens to disrupt supplies. Water […]

How to determine the faults for Low Water Pressure. Pt 1

Low Pressure from the Mains. Could mean a few things. If you have just moved in to your new house and the Mains are new, you can flush it first. Sometimes in the process of tapping your incoming lines from the Mains, mud gets into the line. Flushing it might help. Turn off the stop […]

How to determine if water is seeping away.

Say, one fine day you come home and you see your water bill has shot up by 500%. Your first suspicion will be there is a leakage somewhere. You suspected right. There is a leakage and it’s a bad leakage. Houses, especially terraced houses built about 3 or 4 years ago and anything before that […]