Starting Out As An Online Entrepreneur

As the economy dwindles and the cost of living rises, we have to start being adventurous and try out new things or businesses to supplement our income. To start traditional business like a retail store or whatever, you will need substantial capital and time investment. A good alternative that lets you carry on with what […]

Festive Periods Are the Best Periods.

Every sensible businessman knows that festive periods are the best time to make a killing. Festive mood has a tantalizing affect on human minds and it is around these times that they forget about their usual budget and buy more than they normally should. The mood is infectious and addicting and mob mentality can easily […]

Product Research or Market Research

Which comes first? The product or the market? Now I haven’t attended any marketing school but experience tells me that market should come first, which I think is just plain common sense. If you have a product but there is no market for it, common sense will tell you that the product will not move. […]

The Era Of Globalization

The world is your market. The saying that the world is at your feet now stands so true with the Internet boom. The trend now for many tech savvy people is to start an online store and tap into the world market. The latest figure revealed by Technorati stands at more than 50 million sites […]

When The Well Dries Out

When the old well dries out, the resourceful one will dig a new one. Imagine you have been doing something really lucrative for a few years. It may be some kind of business or it could be a certain specialized trade that not many were practising. You made lots of money and naturally when a […]

Time To Look At Your Performance.

Most businesses, especially those small ones that does not follow strictly the rules of book-keeping likes to close their books at the end of the year and see how they have performed for the past 12 months. For those that have kept a clear record of their transactions, they will be able to analyse what […]

Presevering To Success

Rome wasn’t build in a day. No-one in this world can claim to have the ability to start a business and start making money from day one. If you coma across such claims, it is a scam. How can you make money from day one? That is impossible. From the planning stage to the launching […]

Will Rising Prices Effect Your Business?

Prices of commodities have been on the rise. There are worries that this might lead to world inflation which will in turn lead to another depression. I am no expert in these field, but speaking from an ordinary businessmen point of view, these rising prices do somewhat effects business. On the short term at least. […]