The 2 Kinds Of Businessmen

There are 2 kinds of businessmen. maybe I should phrase that. There are 2 kinds of men in the business world. One is the go getter and the other is the one who is satisfied with what he has. The go getter will be the one taking all the risk. He might also be the […]

Changing Strategy To Match The Times

Times change and along with the time, buying patterns and habits of shoppers will also change. With rising cost of daily living standards, consumers are not what they were before. They tend to be more prudent and calculative of how they spend and what they buy. The end result will be a loss of income […]

Don’t Kill The Goose That Lays The Golden Egg

A common mistake made by many is to milk dry an opportunity all in one go. No doubt there have been many that advised us to strike while it is hot or to¬† maximise our profit when things are good, this only applies to certain trades or businesses like speculation of the stock market of […]

Career As a Massage Therapist.

Out of the many skills that you can learn if you decide to drop of form school after your secondary education is one that is still quite new and unexplored and in this society where almost all skills have been exploited and in abundance, becoming a massage therapist is, in my opinion, as very good […]

The Advantage of Running A Small Business.

Don’t look down on the roadside hawkers peddling those hawker food or those roadside stall owners selling those cheap imitation handbags. These businesses are real money churners and profit margins are almost always 100%. Several reasons contribute to their better than average profit margins. Low Overheads A road side stall definitely will cost very much […]

The Telephone is Your Best Business Tool

The telephone is the most useful tool that has ever been invented, but most businessmen under utilise it. Telephones beats whatever kind of SMS-es or emails that you send out in this mordern era. Hearing a real life voice speaking to you increases your confidence of the person that you are speaking too. We can […]

Hoarding is profitable but unethical

Many businessmen resorts to hoarding of goods. In this country or I think in most countries it is against he law to hoard government controlled items like rice, cooking oil, sugar, flour or any other consumable items deemed a necessity in our everyday lives. However, the practise of hoarding is still pretty rampant. Why Businessmen […]

Have a Striking SignBoard for Your Business

The signboard of your business represents you and the business you are doing. Many big corporations spends thousands of dollars getting graphic designers to create signboards and company logos that are striking and easily remembered by he public. A company logo need not be very fancy or colorful. In fact experts have advised that it […]