Are Festive Offers Viable for a Small Business

Festive offers are normally held at the last quarter of the year when the calender is filled with major festivals. The most popular outlets that will hold these festive offers are those selling clothes, shoes, furniture, curtains and other decorative items. However, festive offers for hardware stores or grocery stores can also be quite viable. […]

Relationships with your Competitors.

Many small time businessmen feels it is not wise to keep a good relationship with their competitor. They fear revealing too much about their business secrets to them. Keep in mind that, in a small retail business like a hardware store, there are not many secrets that you can keep. The only secret is maybe […]

Dealing with Difficult Customers.

Now what I am going to say is going to be against the norm and the very basic business principal that says, “Your Customer is Always Right” Your customers is NOT always right. There are times when you can actually tell off some customers and ask them to go and fly a kite. The Fussy […]

Be a Hands On Businessman

As in all retail stores whether it is a hardware store or grocery store, where dealing are in cash, always be on hand to keep tabs of sales. Most small retail stores don’t have sophisticated computerised systems to keep a daily update of sales and the movement of goods. Most have just one cash register […]

Exploring New Frontiers.

When business starts to get stagnant and you see no improvements in the immediate future, have you considered moving into new grounds? A new environment might improve things. A new township or even move to another State is an option. However, there are many things to consider before moving. Is the new area feasible Do […]

Doing a Special Promotion Week

At the end of the year, many retailers holds their yearly stock clearance week. First, it is a good time to clear off all the redundant stocks that are not selling well. Secondly, it will look good on your balance sheet. Pricing your Items It may surprise you, but the prices listed on Stock Clearance […]

Controlling your Market

In retailing, there is something that many retailers will do to control their market. Once you are able to control the market in the field you are in, it becomes much easier to manage. Educating your Customers If you re in the service sector, like a service center for cars, or a hair saloon, where […]

Proper Stock Control in a Retail Business

Practising proper stock control in a small retail business can add up positively to your monthly balance sheet figures. However, unless you are able to read your customers buying patterns, it is very difficult to really have a good control over what to stock up and when to stock up. To have overstock items in […]