Sub Contracting: Calculating Risk

Sub Contractors have the added headache of making good and wise calculated risk. Sometimes a big part of your success comes from pure luck. No matter how far ahead you have planned, something might go wrong to catch you on the wrong foot. Never have the believe that you have covered everything and every angle […]

Sub Contracting: The Perils.

Sub Contracting for jobs is only better in a sense that you have a chance to earn more and that’s about all the incentive you are going to get if you decide on being a sub contractor. Don’t get the notion that once you are a sub contractor, you are going to have it easy […]

Sub Contracting

Sub Contracting means you are the second in line. You will be getting your projects from the Main Contractor. Not everyone can qualify to be a Main Contractor. Main Contracting is big business. There are few types of Main Contractors. One is the International Contractor and they have the license and ability to bid for […]

Retail – Slashing prices but still making a profit.

It’s an open secret that non consumer items sold at large and medium sizes retail stores have a marked up price of at least 100%. That means if the cost of a pair of shoes is $10, it will have a price tag of $20. Other items like sunglasses and dress accessories are marked up […]

Retailing – Sell at Cost to Tide over the Bad times.

As in all businesses, money is the life source. Once the cash has dried up, the business start to get into serious trouble. All successfully businesses has something call a reserved fund that they can fall back on during lean times. Now what happens, when even these funds have been drained up after prolonged bad […]

Retailing – making a profit while selling below cost.

When the local supermarket, operated by a well established organisation opened for business here recently, they had a week long Opening Sale where they sold the very popular nutritional drink, Milo, way below the price that all the other mini markets and grocery shops cost price. A group of these angry businessmen stormed the office […]

Retail Business

The Prime Minister called all graduates who could not find a suitable job to go into the retail business. He was careful to word his call by saying that there is a 50% sure success rate if one is diligent and knowledgeable enough. I think he secretly knows that 50% of people fails in retailing. […]