Why Learning More Than One Trade Is Important

It is commonsense that the more we know, the highly we will be regarded. Our self worth will double with our knowledge. So it always appropriate to have yourself master at least 2 trades or fields. A simple example of days gone by was when an accountant just knows how to enter all his transactions […]

Preparing for the Final Exams.

As the end of the year draws to a close, all schools will be geared towards the final exams where future of the students will be decided. For those doing their pre-U, a good grade will increase their chances of getting into a public University where it will not be too taxing for the parents. […]

Working Smart verses Working Hard.

The saying that you often heard, “Work Smart so you Don’t have to Work hard” is easier said than done. What does Work Smart means anyway? Some people perceive working smart to the ability to dodge work but yet gets the work done at the end of the day. If not dodging the whole work […]

Clocks as Gifts

The most appropriate item to present to your friends or relatives when to move into a new house is a clock. Be it Grandfather Clocks, Mantel Clocks or maybe just wall clocks All these makes a perfect gift for each time they look at the time, they will be reminded of you. A perfect place […]

Every Trade is a Good Trade

Many a times, especially in a conservative society like ours, parents argue with their children that if they don’t get a good education, they have no future. Some really go overboard to push their children to their limit, without realising that not all children are born the same. Some may be more talented and some […]

Different Units of Measurement.

Most of the young generation have adapted themselves to using the metric system of measurement that if you ask them to quote it in the imperial system, they are quite blank. The same happens to me when I am asked to say measurements in centimetres rather than inches. That was the way my generation was […]

The Deplorable State of English in the Malaysian Blogosphere.

A post by Lilian stirred up something that I have kept quiet about all this while. It’s about the standard of English with our younger generations. They can’t even construct a proper sentence and their grammar is far from perfect. I know the majority will be blaming our educational system for this degradation of their […]

Learn from Scratch to Succeed

An apprentice in any trade won’t be paid much, but still they gets paid. The highest paid apprentice are in the masonry line. Simply put, they are called Construction Workers. This “title” itself makes many a locals shun this job as over the years, this field of work has been associated with illegal foreign workers. […]