How To Make A Living Without A Degree

No everyone is fortunate enough to finish college and come out to society with a degree. Every year, thousands drop out of school after completing their secondary education. Some are not the schooling type, some are not interested and yet some simply do not have to money. For whatever reasons, not having a degree does […]

How To Find A Second Income

A second income can be found if you look hard enough. Finding a second income does not necessary mean you must get a second full time job. That will be very tiring for you and instead of making your life better, you might even end up being worse than before. Depending on what you do […]

How To Make Ends Meet During Bad Times

The most common complain and rants during these bad times is trying to make ends meet. Each time when I sit down with the boys at our favorite watering hole, a few of them will be shaking their heads, saying that they will be living on a deficit budget yet again for the month. They […]

Investing In Precious Metal

The whole world is melting, economy wise. For those making a living as a businessmen, business is suffering a free fall. For those living out as a wage earner, there will be no bonuses or worse, retrenchment is looming. The situation is fragile and there is no guarantee when it will improve. During bad times […]

Learn A Trade That Suits You

I have always emphasised on the fact that you don’t neccasarily need a University degree to make good in life. I have to repeat that the age old saying, “Give a man a fish and he will have fish for a day, Teach the man to fish and he will have fish for the rest […]

Chelation Therapy As A Prevention

In the previous post I discussed about health care and the problems faced by people who cannot afford it. Now lets look at it from the perspective of those who can actually afford first class health care. Do you think they like falling sick knowing that they will have no problem getting the best medical […]

Preparing For The Future

In most advanced countries or should I say, developed countries, health care is well taken care off. This cannot be said about countries that are less developed or what we call “developing countries”. The problem is in these type of counties, health care amenities are also being developed and modern machines and medicines usually cost […]

When You Want To Leave Your Job

There comes a day when you will want to seek greener pastures, find a job elsewhere or maybe you indeed have found greener pastures and you are preparing to leave your present employer. It could also due to other reasons, like some who can’t get along with their difficult colleagues or maybe they have over […]