Home Loans

For every individual who joins the workforce whether after graduation or for ther reasons, there are two type of loans that he will inevitably have to take in the course of his working and adult life. One, which is not that important and can be deffered indefinitely is a car loan, and the other which […]

Computer Repairing As Career

Ask yourself this question. What is the biggest invention in the last century? Yes, it’s the computer. This gadget has taken the world in such a humongous way that for some countries, it is virtually impossible to survive without a computer. Every household has at least one computer. Most have more than 2. Imagine the […]

Search For Untapped Markets

To succeed, there has to be supply and demand. That is the first rule of business and all those who has been to business school would have learned that. Supply and demand works hand in hand. There has to be ample demand to justify the supply. If there is no or not enough demand, then […]

Jobs You Can Do if You Drop Out Of School

I am always of the opinion that if you cannot acquire a good education, you acquire a good skill. Acquiring a skill does not mean that you have to go to some technical school or college. You can also good skills and working experience if you learn your skills through apprenticeship. There are so many […]

Flaunting your wealth

In some societies it is a taboo to flaunt your wealth. How much a person is worth is a closely guarded secret to avoid unnecessary trouble. However, there are times when flaunting their wealth becomes a necessity for some. Why they need to flaunt their wealth. To gain public confidence. Public confidence is a very […]

Expanding Your Business with A Loan

When I got my first big contract worth about 400k in plumbing works many years ago, I was really cash strapped and don’t have the working capital to start up the project. The first thing I did was to approach a few plumbing suppliers whom I have been dealing with for quite sometime and showed […]

Warning: Always Assume That There Is Competition.

In Sun Tze’s Art of War, he preaches that we should always assume that there is an enemy force waiting to attack even though the General is fully aware that there is none lurking at the moment. This assumption will keep his troops on the alert 24 hours a day so even if there is […]

Writing a good resume and application letter

Most graduates today looking for jobs register themselves with job recruitment sites. It is an effective way of job hunting in these modern times. I don’t know if this trend is good or bad, but it really takes away the quality of the job hunting process. My opinion is, if the job came about with […]