Computer Repairing As Career


Ask yourself this question. What is the biggest invention in the last century? Yes, it’s the computer. This gadget has taken the world in such a humongous way that for some countries, it is virtually impossible to survive without a computer. Every household has at least one computer. Most have more than 2. Imagine the vastness of the market. That’s the reason you see Computers Stores everywhere. Look around you, there are a few computer stores in any one block of the street, each trying to outdo the other selling computers and computer accessories. Does that mean the computer sales market is oversaturated? Yes and no. The computer selling stores are and many new start ups just cannot compete with bigger stores. However, on the other hand, computer repairs is under saturated.

Why are there so little competition in computer repair stores? That is because people has one big misconception. They think that because prices of new computers are so cheap, people would rather buy a new computer than to send their old one for repair. WRONG. Do you know how many people are still slugging away in front of their old near obsolete computers? Millions and millions.

Humans are sentimental creatures. They get attached to things. They get attached to their computers. So there is a vast untapped market in computer repairs. Big computer stores are not interested in repairing old computers. They want to sell you their latest model but there are millions who prefer their old ones. They would rather spend the amount of money, which could probably buy them a new computer, just to repair and to have their old faithfuls running again.

You know, you also don’t need a college degree to be able to repair computers. All you need is a little geekiness, knows how to operate a computer, can read and understand basic instructions and able to handle some very basic tools. You need maybe 3 months of self teaching by reading up some computer repair books and manuals and you are on your way because unlike other electronic gadgets where you need to have knowledge in reading circuit diagrams and memorising formulas, computer repairs don’t need that.

So is it really that easy to repair a computer? Yes, what you need to learn are some basic programs like how to format a hard drive or how to install a new operating systems, because in actuality, you don’t have to really “repair” when it comes to the physical side of computers. You just replace the faulty parts! Nobody repairs a computer’s motherboard. They just replace them with a new one. Nobody can repair laptop LCD screens, they replace the whole bloody screen. That all to it and most modern computers are built in such a way that every part can be dismantled easily. All your customer care is they get their favorite computers running again. So if you have nothing better to do, consider computer repairing a career.