Controlling your Market


In retailing, there is something that many retailers will do to control their market. Once you are able to control the market in the field you are in, it becomes much easier to manage.

Educating your Customers

If you re in the service sector, like a service center for cars, or a hair saloon, where you provide special skills, it is easy to control your market. What you have to do is to provide a service so good that your customer will never want anyone else servicing their cars or doing their hair. When you have that customer base, you can start educating your customer to play along your terms.

Since they cannot do without your skills, they will be willing to wait for your services. So you can actually work at your own schedule so you can give your best to each of your customers. Plan out your appointments so you won’t have to rush through your job because others are queuing behind.

Dictate Your Appointments

Never let your customers dictate the appointment times. If you do, then you might as well not make any appointments. Give them the earliest possible time. If they can’t make it ask politely if the second earliest time will do. The most important thing to remember is to be very polite and make them feel that you value their trust in you. Most of the time, they will play along your rules if they really like what you are giving them.

Be sure to make good your appointments

Once you have set the time for your customer to come in, make sure you are there for them. Welcome them like a treasured friend. Do a more than good job for them. Charge them reasonably. They will be back for more and they will be even more willing to wait the next time.

Controlling your market let you have a life of your own. You will not feel tied down by the business you are in like many businessmen are feeling now. You can make schedules so you can go away for a few days and still come back to see your customers waiting for you.