Customer Relationship Software


After doing the series on starting a small retail business, I hope all readers have gotten some insight and some rough idea what to expect when you step into the world of doing business. To inspire yourself more, I suggest you read up lots of business magazines and books written by successful businessmen. You will learn some valuable lessons from them.

Sometimes we stop to ponder as to how they can manage their business so well. Well, one thing is for sure, during these times and age where everything is computerised, they rely very heavily on computer software designed to make their managing task easier. Some area of business can be fully computerised, sparing the owner precious time so that he can do other things to improve his business. One such software is the CRM software

This software offers a very user friendly interface with a low learning curve so you don’t have to be a geek to learn how to use it. It’s a full featured business software that includes:

* Lead Attention Meterâ„¢
* Sales Management
* Sales Force Automation
* Lead Reseller System
* Campaign Tracking
* Custom Lead List
* Visitor Tracking
* Importing / Exporting
* Private Labelling
* Automatic Lead Distribution
* Mortgage Lead Management

With such powerful features, you might be thinking that this software will be priced sky high. On the contrary, it is quite affordable because there will be no setup fees incurred and the company responsible, AimPromote will even integrate the system with your website free of charge. This CRM software is the best choice for increasing sales and improving business intelligence

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