Dealing with Difficult Customers.


Now what I am going to say is going to be against the norm and the very basic business principal that says, “Your Customer is Always Right” Your customers is NOT always right. There are times when you can actually tell off some customers and ask them to go and fly a kite.

The Fussy and Petty Customer

Customers that make it a purpose in life to criticise whatever that you are selling in your shop, making their criticisms especially loud when there are customers around. You can tell them to go fly a kite. You don’t have a need for such a customer. Even if they buy something at the end of the day, you reputations would have been slightly ruined by his criticisms in front of others.

The Calculative Customer

Customers that comes into your shop just to ask for the prices of good and how much you are willing to slash the price for them. They will walk off after hearing your price because the neighboring shop is selling at 20 cents lower than you. You don’t have to be too friendly with these customers.

The see first , I’ll come back later Customer

Customers who request you to show them everything, including opening up the nicely packed items. They will feel it, touch it, inspect it as though they are genuinely interested. Once they enquire the price they will act as if in deep thought and will give you some lame reasons like “I will come back later” whence forth you will never see them again. You don’t need to serve them the next time they walk in.

The Milk You Dry Customer

Customers who tries to out bargain you at every item they buy. They quote you a price that is way below your cost and says that so and so is selling at that price hoping you will go down lower. O tel them to go and buy form that so and so.

These are the kind of customers you will meet if you are running a shop selling household items or public consumables. In the beginning, you will try to be accommodating, trying to please everyone, but later when you are quite established with a permanent customer base, you really don’t need to stress yourself too much with these characters.