Designing WebSite Template with Joomla


There are programmers who makes thousands each month just by designing Web Sites. Depending on their skills and reputation their fees can really be daunting because people are willing to pay for the best when it comes to creating an outstanding Site that will attract millions. Therefore beginners who are just starting out and for people who have just bought their own domain and thinking of making something out of the Net, getting the services of such professionals are out of the question. So the best solution will be to create one on their own. However, most Website creating software that are of some quality will also cost them an arm so people look for alternatives that are free and can create good quality Websites.

A very good alternative used by millions involved in Website creation, whether they are professionals or beginners is an open source software called Joomla. Derived from the derived from the word, Jumla, a Swahili word meaning, “all together, Joomla has attracted users from all over the world for it’s user friendliness and it’s ready support from a well established Joomla community who are all eager to help beginners take their first step in creating Joomla Templates

Joomla is available for free download at their official site at and after downloading, installing and setting up is a breeze. You can start creating your Joomla Templates almost immediately, that is if you know how. If you don’t then there are plenty of tutorial and ebooks available for download online and Joomla Templates by ClubTVK is a good resource for beginners. It’s written absolutely for beginners and the detailed step by step instructions leads you like a baby taking your first step into creating your first Joomla Template.