Different Kinds Of Light Bulbs


I wish I got his earlier. Then I will be able to introduce some really unique and beautiful Christmas lights to brighten up your homes for Christmas. During my days as an electrician, Christmas will be the busiest time of the year. Contrary to what you see on TV where everyone will be putting up their own Christmas Lights, there are many who has a phobia of electricity and they will never touch or mess with anything that has a wire attached to them. That will be the time that my cell phone will ring non stop.


This Christmas, I see many households putting up LED Christmas Lights that are longer lasting and more cost saving, but since Christmas is all but over for this year, I take this opportunity instead to talk about the many other kind of lights and bulbs that are available over at, an online light bulb specialist store.

The stockade of bulbs at 1000bulbs is so massive that I don’t think that is any kind of bulb you won’t find there. From the most common light bulbs to the highly sophisticated ultra violet germicidal bulbs use for killing bacteria, there isn’t one that you will not find. For the everyday fluorescent lights alone, you will be able to find at least four kinds.


Other than providing for household lighting, bulbs and accessories are also available for industries that needs specialised lighting like the sodium lights, mercury lights and the metal halide light bulbs. Bulbs for medical care like also available. For those in the electrical contracting line, this would be a good site to bookmark in case you need some rare and hard too find bulbs. For ordinary folks, bookmark this site to get the latest Christmas lights next year.