Doing it Yourself


In these times and age when the cost of labor is getting higher by the day, getting someone with the skills to come and get repairs done in your house is not only an expensive affair, it can be pretty frustrating. The most frustrating thing is nine out of ten times they will fail to keep their appointment. The frustration is made even worse when you are in urgent need to use that particular item or place, for example the toilet or the bathroom. To beat that stubborn repairmen at his own game, why not DIY?

Contrary to belief, there are 101 things in your house that can be fixed by yourself. You just need some simple tools and some basic knowledge and all these DIY tips are readily available over the Internet. Some DIY sites even lets you ask questions when you are in doubt.

The most important aspect of doing things yourself is self confidence and a certain degree of arrogance. You should keep reminding yourself that, “hey, it’s broken anyway, so it couldn’t get any worse” You will do a lot more better with that mentality intact. Secondly, read and follow instructions. If the instruction says do this step first, don’t be a smart aleck and try to skip to the third step. Finally, be brave. If your faucet is leaking, be brave enough to dismantle it. If that drain is stucked, be brave enough to get yourself dirty. After a few successes, you might actually get so hooked on DIY that you will never want to see your handyman again.

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