Enhancing Cash Flow via Structured Settlement


For newcomers to the business world, it is noteworthy to know that there are various ways and means where you can enhance your cash flow. One very popular way practised by many businessmen is something called factoring. Factoring, in a nutshell is selling your invoices that has yet to mature for payment from your clients to factoring institutions at a rate agreed upon by both parties so that you can get the much needed cash up front. However, many of these institution are quite strict in these dealing and may charge exhorbantly high rates.


A more feasible method is to opt for structured settlements which works almost similarly with factoring. Provided by Settlement Capital Corporation, there are four areas where you can tap in to meet your financial needs.


Structured Settlement Factoring

Developed in 1988, this Structured Settlement Factoring is designed to meet the financial need of holders of long-term contracts. Relying on their enviable relation with financial institutions, SCC is able to offer their customers the industries most competitive pricing.

Single Premium Annuity Financing

The Single Premium Annuity Financing program is designed to to help annuitants reach their maximum value for their future annuity payments in order to meet their current financial needs.

Lottery Cash Option

According to SCC’s calculations, if indeed you are a lucky lottery winner, a lump sum payout invested or applied wisely can overshadow the original amount of the winnings by the end of the original 25-year payout period. In this area, SCC provides the best value and customer service in the industry with a choice of payment options, flexible buying power and agent support.

Future Payment Options

One area that has not been fully developed by Settlement Capital Corporation is in the area of Future Payments. As quoted from their Site,

Settlement Capital will look at and review other future payment obligations not listed on our website. We are looking for guaranteed payment streams that are backed by high credit obligors. Please contact us directly if you have any questions.

Settlement Capital Corporation is managed by a highly qualified team comprising of very experienced personnels with very impressive credentials. Interested parties can visit their Site for details and request for free quotes should you see something that interest or suits you.