Every Trade is a Good Trade


Many a times, especially in a conservative society like ours, parents argue with their children that if they don’t get a good education, they have no future. Some really go overboard to push their children to their limit, without realising that not all children are born the same. Some may be more talented and some not as. The sad thing is parents always compares their children with others.

There is really no need to push children too hard. Every child has their own long and short. If they are not good in their studies, they may be good in other things. These days, it is even possible to be very successful just by playing. Many have made a life for themselves playing computer games. They become professional gamers, making thousands a month, not to mention all those professional footballers, tennis players and sorts. Many did not finish college. They are successful because their parents recognised those talents when they are small and to the trouble to nourish that talent instead of forcing them on their studies and getting a degree.

There is a Chinese saying that goes, “every trade can make you a graduate” You might not be wearing a mortar board, but you are a degree holder in your own capacity. You are the expert in the trade that you have chosen. That makes you on par with any graduate, maybe even better. You are a PhD, because you have mastered what you set out to learn.

There will be another big batch of school leavers in a few months time. The market will be flooded with another batch of raw talents that for some reason or another, could not carry on their studies to higher institutions. Never look down on these school leavers. many of them are going to be very successful if they grasp the fact that leaving school is not the end of their learning. They should be aware that this is when the real learning starts.