Festive Periods Are the Best Periods.


Every sensible businessman knows that festive periods are the best time to make a killing. Festive mood has a tantalizing affect on human minds and it is around these times that they forget about their usual budget and buy more than they normally should. The mood is infectious and addicting and mob mentality can easily be manipulated.

The reason we see all super retail outlets blasting out festive songs, and sparing no expenses in festive decorations is for none other than to create and trigger the mob mentality where people starts to buy in compulsion on seeing others doing so. The weakest point in humans is afraid of losing out. They will always want to keep up with the Jones. So when there is a big crowd fighting over some beer gift baskets, every one will want to join the fight. It doesn’t matter if nobody drinks beer. They just do not want to lose out.

Of course there is no need to mention about festive good which normally brings in a higher profit margin than consumer goods that are sold everyday. Festive decorations, new clothes, shoes for the season are few examples of goods that are seasonal. many of these cannot be sold again especially if it is themed, so it is basic business sense to mark up the prices a little bit higher.

One of the best business that can be done during festive period is the food business. It is strange, but when some festival is round the corner, people are more willing to dine on more exotic food even though prices are lot more cheaper during normal times. maybe it is like rewarding themselves during the festival.

Good and shrewd businessmen keeps a sharp eye on these kind of money making opportunities. There is nothing unethical about it. It is all good business sense.