Flaunting your wealth


In some societies it is a taboo to flaunt your wealth. How much a person is worth is a closely guarded secret to avoid unnecessary trouble. However, there are times when flaunting their wealth becomes a necessity for some.

Why they need to flaunt their wealth.

To gain public confidence. Public confidence is a very important factor in a successful businessmen life. In fact, it could amount to everything. Once the public looses confident in you, it will be tough for you to do anything. Directors gets fired under votes of non confidence. Country leaders gets voted out when the masses looses confidence in them. Thus it is of utmost importance to keep your credibility in the business world. The best way is to show to the whole world that you are wealthy and your company is financially strong.

There was this story about a man who walked into a luxury car showroom wanting to buy a limousine for his company’s function. However he was shabbily dressed and no one ever heard or seen this guy before. He did not and have never flaunted his wealth to the public. When he walked in, no one wanted to serve him.

In comes another man from another company who is always in the news talking about his business empire. Even though he wasn’t there to buy anything but just to browse, he got VIP treatment. So you see, it is very important that people know you are wealthy. It brings confidence in people towards you.

Of course, you know the conclusion of this story. The shabbily dressed man eventually bought the most expensive limo in the showroom and the lucky sales rep who reluctantly served him got his fat commission. Rest assured the next time he comes, he too will get preferential treatment even if he walks in dressed in his underwear. Why? because he has flaunted his wealth by buying the most expensive limo.

The Worst Flaunting Methods.

Boasting in front of your friends. That is the worst thing that you can do to flaunt your wealth. Another is showing off your wealth physically. Doing it this way the flaunt-er will only attract negative remarks and attention. Whatever attention they get is false pretension with no sincerity of respecting their wealth at all.

Have you ever seen or heard the richest man in the world telling the the reporter how much he has? No. The answer that they give will always be. “I don’t know!” You will never catch them telling the world that they have so and so many billions in their account. Maybe they truly don’t know, but don’t trust them. Who in this world don’t keep tab of their money. Even the richest man in the world will still have a rough idea.

Telling the world how much you make or how much you have in your bank account is the cheapest way to flaunt. These things should never be revealed through your own mouth. It turns the flaunt into a boast and people, by nature, don’t like people who boast too loudly.

The Best way To Flaunt your wealth.

Do charities. Lots of them. Bill Gates pledged nearly all his money to charities. So did Warren Buffet. Every successful businessmen does charities big time. It is the best way to get noticed and it is a very humble way and noble way to flaunt your wealth.

People will get curious where your money comes from. They will start researching your company. They will dig up all your assets and the best thing is they are going to report it to the whole world.

Lots of businessmen who are are trying to gain some publicity starts off by donating large sums of money to some publicly well known charitable organizations. They know they will be noticed even though they do it quietly. When the public finds out that they are the owner of so and so Company, the public confidence of that company is going to rocket sky high. Imagine what will happen if it happens to be a publicly listed company.

Buthen of course there are many good souls who does charity with their heart and not because they want to flaunt. I am just talking about those who WANTS to flaunt or NEEDS to flaunt.

Make sure you can Afford that Flaunt.

If you flaunt, make sure you are fit for that flaunt. making a false flaunt might bring you publicity in the beginning, but when you cannot commit that flaunt, you are finished. When the reporter starts digging and finds out that you actually owe the banks more that what you have pledged to the charitable organization, your reputation goes South.