Flowers for Every Occasion.


A very viable business suitable for women is selling flowers. Flowers never goes out of fashion and flowers never goes out of style. From ancient times till today, flowers have been have been considered the source of inspiration for men and women alike. Marriages were created trough proposals with flowers and breakups were reconciled through flowers. There is no doubt about the power that flower has over humans.

Flower giving is perfect for every occasion. When there is joy in the air, like a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary, a new business opening or a graduation the all important flower bouquets is a must. Like wise, if there is sorrow, like a death in the family, flowers too are sent to show their respects.

Unlike other business that might be seasonal, flowers are available all year round. There will never be a shortage of supply. Seasonal flowers may not be available in certain seasons, but these shortage is quickly replenished by non seasonal flowers, so there will be flowers all year round. A simple stalk of flower that my look ordinary can be turned into a work of art through some imagination and creativity and a bunch of very common flowers and be packaged into an elegant bouquet.