Get A Dish For Christmas



Christmas is a time where family members gets a chance to be together and huddle under the Christmas tree catching up with each other. It’s the cosiest time of the year and in times like this, a good program playing over your TV can liven up the festive mood. It is also the best time of the year to get yourself “dished” by taking advantage of the various offers offered by Dish Network.

Offering over 200 top-quality channels including SIRIUS satellite music, sports, movies and local channels, Dish Network is going on a time limited promotion frenzy. Subscribers who signs up now will receive a galore of freebies that includes a free DVR or HD DVR that allows users to record hours of programs for their viewing pleasure later on. Also included are Free 6 months of DishHD plus 3 months of 15 commercial free Movie Channels. Taking advantage of these Special Dish Network Offers, subscribers will be saving some serious cash.


Dish Network has 3 basic packages that users can choose from. There are America’s Top Programming which includes most of the top shows available, A La Carte Movie Packages for those who loves movies in their pure high definition form and of course a package for sports enthusiasts, the Seasonal Sports Packages. A comparison of prices among their competitors does show that Dish Network Deals offers more value for money.

Orders can be made online, or by calling their toll free number 1-800-434-7451. The promotion code is 12038